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Adamo and Joey. The Gays Abroad.

An artist and an academic, together since 2004, Canadians, budget travellers, adventure-seekers, couchsurfers, spanish students, music lovers, in search of home.

Thanks for checking out our travel blog! If you've had time to peruse then you may have figured out what kind of travellers we are. Because our goal is to experience as much as possible, we do it on the cheap. Our budget is our best friend, which means we stay in hostels, travel by bus, couchsurf, hike, camp and choose street food over swanky restaurants. Knowing that many people like to travel in the same way, we hope that writing about both our bests and our blunders provides some sort of insight. Maybe we can show you the right way to travel. Or better yet, we can show you that there is no right way at all.

Our first trip together was in 2008 after coming across images of Machu Picchu and booking our flights to Peru. To say that Peru was a great experience would be an understatement. Not only did we see things we never knew existed, but we also learned an important lesson: we travel really well together. Those of you who've been abroad with a travel partner know just how right the dynamics have to be for it to be a successful match. It's during the challenging times, when stresses are maxed out, that you find out whether you fit. For the two of us, that was in Puno, Peru.

Knowing nothing about the effects of altitude, we flew directly from Lima at sea level to an elevation of 3,800 metres in Puno. Within hours, we were both feeling lightheaded. One of us became extremely ill and spent the entirety of our four days vomiting, unable to sleep, unable to eat and with a pounding headache. But out of that came a realization about how supportive we are of each other. We cancelled the tours and visits we had planned and simply waited out the days together in our hostel room until our previously booked train ride to Cuzco. Not just anyone would lay by your side for four days doing nothing but playing solitaire and drinking coca tea.

We're working on a ton of material for our readers and we hope you're as excited as we are to know that this is just the beginning of our adventures. The content we make comes in different shapes and sizes, but below are some of the many ways in which we hope you can engage with us.

​Blog posts are detailed accounts of our experiences, from what we saw and did, to how we got there and how much we paid for everything.

​Our Tips and Reviews bring together what we've learned to offer advice and help make your travelling more seamless. We'll also highlight all the 'must-do's we come across during our travels.

​Our Photos capture the best of our travels and are organized into neat little galleries. Photography is what started this travel blog and continues to be one of our main focuses.

​Videos give us an opportunity to display our trips in motion, depending on the length of the trip and how much footage we capture.


​I take most of the photos and videos of our trips, so I'm trying to pull back and make sure I also experience things away from the camera.

Iceland Ring Road Trip


Leave it to me to take care of all the details. I always start a trip trying to have everything planned ahead of time, before I quickly realize it's not possible.

Countries I'm most looking forward to visiting.

My biggest challenges while travelling.

My favourite experiences so far.

Countries I can't wait to visit.